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 Monday - Thursday // 9:30am - 9pm
 Friday & Saturday // 9:30am - 5pm
 Sunday // 12pm - 5pm (beginning 9/12)

 Monday - Thursday // 9:15am - 8pm
 Friday & Saturday // 9:15am - 4pm
 Sunday // 12pm - 4pm

 Open 24/7/365 once again!

Please note the following items before arriving for your visit:  New York State and the CDC have issued new guidelines.  They will require good faith and honesty by all - we all know that our community will stand strong together.  Effective immediately:

1. In accordance with CDC guidelines regarding the Delta variant and due to Nassau County being designated as an area of substantial transmission, all Patrons & Staff MUST wear a mask or other acceptable face covering while in the building regardless of vaccination status.

2. We are no longer taking temperatures at the door - however, if you are feeling ill (coughing, hacking, etc.), the Library does reserve the right to ask you to leave and come back to visit the Library on a day when you are healthy.

3. Tables: we are leaving one chair at each table, but if you are with other patrons and want to sit at the same table, we will add chairs as necessary.

4. "In-Building" programming is slowly returning to the library.

5. We are continuing Curbside Pick-Ups, Virtual Browsing, and our Book Tastings program.  If you are returning items, we ask that you continue to either put them in the Book Drop or in a receptacle outside of the lobby.  Please do not return any material to staff at the front desk.  All returned items will need to remain in quarantine for 3 days before being cleared.  No fines will be incurred.

6. And, of course, the rules/guidelines may change as we go forward.

We greatly appreciate your patience and understanding on these matters to ensure the safety and protection of all our patrons and staff!
Updated on Thursday 8/26/21.

Virtual Browsing & Borrowing Appointments
Appointments are booked through Picktime (Here's a short tutorial video providing further details on how to use Picktime.).
Please read all the information that you need to know:
This service is for "virtually browsing" the shelves to make a selection for borrowing.
2. Due to certain limitations, this service is only available via FaceTime. FaceTime is an app that is only available to those who have an iPhone/iPad.  Fill out the form with your iPhone number.

3. Appointments
will be made using Picktime and will last for a maximum of half an hour.  It is important to keep in mind that within this half an hour, we need at least five minutes at the end to schedule your Curbside Pick-Up date and time for your materials.
Appointment times: Tuesdays: 6:00/6:30/7:00/7:30pm

4. At your scheduled date and time, you will receive a video call from a Librarian that will appear on your screen as Oceanside Technology. We will be chatting face-to-face!
5. If you do not have FaceTime set up on your device, it is important that you make sure to do so before your video call appointment. If you need information on how to set up your FaceTime and adjust FaceTime settings, you can visit this website for some instruction: https://www.digitaltrends.com/mobile/how-to-use-facetime/

Updated on Tuesday 5/11/21.


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