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The Oceanside Library Board and staff express our sympathy-and empathy-with those in Houston living through this horrific-and eerily familiar-flooding. As so many helped us after Sandy, we are determined to help our fellow Americans in their time of need.  Our collection of items for Hurricane Harvey continues. Many have asked if we will be doing something for the victims of Irma. We, along with the other organizations in town, are monitoring the situation and will provide additional information later in the week.
  • First: we had a community meeting at the Library on Tuesday, September 5th

    Representatives from Oceanside Kiwanis, Oceanside Community Service, Oceanside School District, Oceanside Fire Department, Oceanside Sanitation, Temple Avodah, Oceanside Republican Club, Oceanside Kiwanettes, Long Island Dog, St. Anthony's Bridges program, the County Executive's office, Senator Kaminsky's office and a number of individuals turned out.

    We discussed the ongoing collections at Fire Department headquarters and in our lobby, the collection of items for pets, the collection of items for shipment via the Maritime College, Temple Avodah's upcoming benefit concert, the collection of glasses, the adoption of schools and libraries--and a lot more.

    We will be circulating updated information on all these projects--and we continue our warning about donating money to groups that aren't highly rated by Charity Navigator, Guidestar, etc.
  • Second: in conjunction with the Oceanside Kiwanis Club and the Oceanside Fire Department, we are setting up a donation bin in our lobby to accept items to be sent to Texas. We will be collecting items through Sunday, September 17.  There will be a community-wide sorting and boxing day at a location and date to be announced. Kiwanis is arranging for a tractor trailer to deliver the items to Kiwanis in Texas for local distribution.  The list of items is below-please make sure all donations are new items.  (The generous people of Oceanside have already filled our bin over a dozen times!  And we know many of you are helping in your own way.)
  • Third: we are providing a list of reputable donees for Oceansiders to contribute money to (see below). This is not an all-encompassing list, and there may be some on here you choose not to contribute to, for one reason or another.

We urge you to investigate all who are asking for monetary donations, and only provide money to those who have high ratings in Charity Navigator or other ratings agencies. 

Simply because a charity "sounds good"-and even if it has IRS 501c3 status-does not ensure that the money will get to where it is supposed to, or that it will help people who need it. We strongly urge you to donate to proven charities who have served others in similar situations. 

  • Fourth: We Oceansiders know that the need for support continues long after the flood waters recede. Therefore we will wait until the appropriate time and then it is our intention to "adopt" a library in the Houston area and help it get back on its feet. We'll advise our neighbors, friends and patrons when we are ready to proceed, and we will detail what we intend to provide.


Items needed are:
· Nonperishable Foods
· Pet Food
· First Aid Kits/Supplies
· Baby Diapers/Wipes
· School Supplies
· Blankets
· Flash Lights/Batteries
· Paper Goods
· Cleaning Supplies
· Toiletries
· Contractor/Garbage Bags
· Gift cards - bank gift cards or major stores - Walmart / Target / Home Depot
Collections will be accepted for next 3-4 weeks. Please considering donating what you can - as we all know, every bit helps!


Here is a list of recognized charities

If you have a project that is ongoing, or wish to become involved in the community's Hurricane Harvey relief efforts, please email us at aiovino@oceansidelibrary.com.


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