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The Oceanside Library Association is the governing body of the Library, and residents are urged to join in order to help in the development of your community library.  Association membership entitles you to participate in the nomination and election of the Library Board of Trustees.  To become a member, you must be a resident of the Oceanside School District and a registered voter.  Membership is free, and applications are available at the Circulation Desk, or you may download an application here.  (PDF file opens in Adobe Reader)

Tuesday, April 25 // 7pm
The Oceanside Library Association is the governing body of the Library, and residents are urged to join in order to participate in Library elections.  Incumbent trustee Mary DiGiovanna is running for re-election to a five-year term.  Membership in the Association is free and open to any resident of the Oceanside School District who is a registered voter.  To vote at the Association Meeting, members must be registered to vote with the Nassau County Board of Elections at least 30 days prior to the meeting date.


Click here for the Library Association By-Laws.  (PDF file opens in Adobe Reader)


Wednesday, May 3 // 7:30pm // School #6 Auditorium (Kindergarten Center), 25 Castleton Court

LIBRARY BUDGET VOTE (Proposition #2)
Tuesday, May 16 // 7am – 10pm

Resolved, that the Board of Education of the Oceanside Union Free School District shall increase its contract with the Oceanside Library Association for the period July 1, 2017 to and including June 30, 2018 providing for free Library services as is particularly described in said written contract for the sum of $83,541 and that sum, together with the sum of $4,408,811 heretofore authorized, for a total of $4,492,352 to be appropriated to meet the payments due under said contract and that taxes shall be levied, assessed, and collected against the taxable property of the School District for the ensuing year for above purposes.

Residents are registered and eligible to vote if they:

1.    Voted or registered for a School District election held after January 1, 2013, or

2.    Are registered to vote with the County Board of Elections for the General Election.

To register, a person must be a citizen of the United States, at least 18 years old, and a resident of this district for at least 30 days at the time of the election.  To vote, report to the School Election District where you are registered.

Registration of voters shall take place during the hours of 9am-4pm, Monday to Friday throughout the year at the office of the District Clerk provided that such registration shall not take place less than five (5) days prior to any school district election.

The Library Budget can be found on Page 4 of the April/May Newsletter.  Click here to access the newsletter.  (PDF file opens in Adobe Reader)

Applications may be obtained from the District Clerk, 145 Merle Avenue.  Applications must be returned to the District Clerk at least seven (7) days before the election if the ballot is to be mailed OR by the day before the election if the ballot is to be delivered by hand.  The ballot must be received by the District Clerk by 5pm on the day of the election.  For more information, please call the District Clerk’s office at 516-678-8580.

The Oceanside Library is turning 80 this year!  We think the Founders would be proud of today’s Library.  From our humble beginnings in 1937, with only a few dozen donated books, we have grown into the hub of our community, leading in the advancement of literacy, culture, education, and discerning entertainment.

What started as an idea at the School #2 PTA Meeting of April 6, 1937 has grown into a vibrant center, which last year saw over 250,000 patron visits, and which hosted over 1,100 programs attended by over 33,000 people!  Our services range from supporting book clubs, to helping with research; from resume aid to helping you find that perfect next book to read at the beach.  Our programming is diverse: theatre, concerts, lectures, computer classes, foreign language classes, book discussions, trips, Science Café, panel discussions, Healthy Oceanside lectures, workshops and exercise classes, community service opportunities for our teens, robots and other STEM programs, tax assistance for seniors, and so much more.  We’ve increased programs for those with special needs, for students of all ages, and for our non-English speaking neighbors.  We hold lectures and workshops on topics of immediate importance to Oceanside, like fighting heroin addiction, bullying, allergies, and others.

Whether in the Library, where we offer books, periodicals, electronic databases, DVDs, CDs, museum passes, computer and printing access, or online, where you can download eBooks and audiobooks, access a free tutor, or use our research databases, we are committed to meeting the needs of our community.  This year we added a new online periodical service called Zinio which gives you free access to more than 100 current magazines from your computer, smartphone, tablet, iPad or any device and a new foreign language database called Pronunciator which allows you to learn over 80 languages with self-directed lessons.

The Board is proud to present a budget that best serves the needs of the Oceanside community, while being mindful of New York State’s tax cap.  This year’s proposed budget stays within the tax cap, without cutting any of our library’s services or hours.  Some of the challenges facing the Board were an increase in the minimum wage and an increase in state mandated benefits.  This year’s budget will increase by 1.89%, which results in the average household paying an increase of approximately 19 cents per week, or $10.00 for the year.

Please come in and experience the rich variety of programs, services, materials, and activities that we offer.

Karen Porcella, Library Director


  Daniel Faust, President
  Wayne Vurture, Vice President
  Florence Mensch, Treasurer
  Ellen Sullivan, Secretary
  Michael D'Ambrosio, Jr.
  Mary DiGiovanna
  Thomas Beirne

      click here to contact the Library Board.

The Oceanside Library is an independent agency and is not associated with any other board or governmental agency.  Its Board of Trustees is solely responsible for the administration and policies of the Library.  The budget is prepared by the seven-member Board of Trustees with the help of its staff and is voted upon independently by residents of the Oceanside School District.  By law, the School District acts as tax agent for the Library.


Library Director

      Karen Porcella

Board of Trustees Meetings

Members of the public are welcome to attend Library Board meetings.

 Upcoming Meetings:
 Tuesday, April 25 // 5:30pm (Board Meeting)
 Tuesday, April 25 // 7pm (Association Meeting)
 Tuesday, May 23 // 5:30pm

Oceanside Library - 30 Davison Avenue - Oceanside - NY 11572